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Uncommon Acne Remedies That Really Work

acne-remedies-that-workAcne is annoying, but there are some natural means you can use to help reduce your acne. In this article, we will reveal some uncommon yet effective acne remedies that really work.

Advantages of Using Natural Remedies

The best part about using the remedies below is that they are all natural. You do not have to worry about the side effects of prescription medications. A lot of acne medications are extremely harsh which is why there really is not considered to be a true cure for acne. While some of the medicines do work, the side effects are often worse than just dealing with the acne.

Natural Acne Remedy #1: Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is an excellent source of Vitamin D as well as many other vitamins. Vitamin D is a great way to boost the immune system and help combat acne. It is also a common deficiency so this natural remedy is particularly effective. You do not put the oil on your acne of course but rather you drink it. Just a teaspoon once every few days is plenty. If you do not like the taste it can be taken in capsule format.

Natural Acne Remedy #2: Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is an excellent skin soother. It will reduce redness and make your acne less noticeable. It also is great at preventing or at least minimizing the negative side effects that may result from using benzoyl peroxide or salicylic-acid based treatments. These treatments can cause redness and dry skin, and jojoba oil can help prevent or at least mostly prevent these side effects.

Natural Acne Remedy #3: Potato Slices

Potato slices are a known remedy for a variety of skin elements. Just chop a raw potato into slices and hold them right on top of the acne. The idea behind such a remedy is that potatoes can kill bacteria that live in the skin, helping to clear up acne. While there is not a lot of research to support such a claim, the anecdotal evidence is pretty good. Since potatoes are not expensive, so it is hardly a big investment.

Natural Acne Remedy #4: Baking Soda

While not exactly a natural remedy (baking soda is man made or at least harvested from the ground), baking soda is an effective acne remedy that is commonly found in most household cabinets. Just mix a bit with water and a paste will form. Grab a wooden tongue depressor and rub it on your face over your acne. Allow it to dry, then wash the mask off. The mask should be fine to dissolve right down the drain.

Natural Acne Remedy #5: Tea Tree Oil

Finally, you can get tea tree oil at Trader Joe’s in the health and supplements section. It comes in a big bottle and only costs around 5 dollars. Just dab a bit of the oil on your hands and rub it into your face where your acne is before rinsing it off. Tea tree oil is an antibiotic and very inexpensive, making it an excellent acne treatment option.