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Cystic Acne Treatment Creams

cystic-acne-treatment-creamsCystic acne is not anything to mess around with. Not only is it ugly and painful, but it scars, can get infected, and leaves permanent cysts in its wake.

What is Cystic Acne?

Cystic acne involves the formation of a cyst underneath the acne lesion. This looks like a ball of fat and tissue. Really, inside the cyst is walled off acne bacteria. The body uses the cyst to isolate these bacteria to help prevent the spread of infection.

However, the problem is that once the cyst forms, it does not go away. It stays there until it is removed by a surgeon. Since surgeon’s removing cysts is not only painful and expensive but also ripe with side effects, this is not a normal procedure. The main side effect of such a procedure is a big, nasty-looking scar that is often worse than the original acne scar and lump. With the high risk of bad scarring it is not surprising that this is not a common option.

Instead, people often turn to over the counter methods and then if those fail they head to their Dermatologist (which is not a bad idea right from the start). Below, we will discuss the best cystic acne treatment cream.

The Best Cystic Acne Treatment Cream

If you want to get rid of your acne with an over the counter cream, try benzoyl peroxide in 3.5%. This is the exact concentration found in the Exposed Skin Care line. This concentration is great at getting rid of acne but is also gentle enough on the skin so you are less likely to deal with red, itchy skin as compared to a higher concentration.

Other Things to Consider

It may not be natural for you to have cystic acne. It may be that you are suffering from the side effects of one of your other medications. Many antidepressants can trigger cystic acne, so ask your doctor if any prescriptions you are taking can cause acne. If they do and you want to try something different, talk about it with your doctor. Do not suddenly stop the use of a specific prescription as this may cause immediate and apparent health problems.

Cystic acne might just be the result of poor genes and specific times in your life such as when you hit puberty and your hormones are off. Pregnancy may cause bad acne as well. If this treatment cream does not work you should talk to a doctor as you want to try to clear this up as soon as possible in order to prevent scars from forming.