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Acne Treatment Products that Really Work

acne-products-that-workIf you have acne and want to get rid of it, no doubt you will quickly find yourself surrounded by a myriad of acne products that all claim great results. However, which of these acne products really work? This article will reveal to you the best ingredients to look for in an acne treatment product plus give our recommendation for the best treatment that really works.

The Must-Have Acne Product Ingredient

The first step in finding a good acne treatment is checking the active ingredients list for benzoyl peroxide. This acne-fighting compound is by far the most powerful and effective ingredient you can get access to over the counter.

If you check the active ingredients list, you should also see a percent concentration listed. It will be typically in parentheses right next to the ingredient in the active ingredients section. With benzoyl peroxide, you want at least 2.5% concentration but no more than 5% concentration. This is the most effective concentration range with minimal side effects. Do not be tempted to go for more concentrated solutions as these may dry the skin and cause itchiness.

Our recommended benzoyl peroxide cream is the Exposed Skin Care acne treatment cream. It uses 3.5% concentration, which is in the ideal range for maximizing effectiveness while minimizing side effects.

Multiple Step Process

According to gurus at, the blockage of pores is one of the first steps in the acne process. Pore blockages provide a good environment for bacteria to breed, which results in acne. Benzoyl peroxide is great at destroying these bacteria, but it does not do much to actually fight off the infection.

In order to unblock pores, a multiple step process should be used. A cleanser can first be used to remove oils from the surface of the skin and expose the pores. A face wash with the compound salicylic acid can then be used to penetrate into the pores and unblock them. Once the pore blockages are clear, the benzoyl peroxide cream can be applied for optimal results.

Make sure the order is cleanser first, salicylic acid second, and benzoyl peroxide third. The cleanser is used to provide the face wash with access to the pores, the face wash is used to clear the pores, and then the benzoyl peroxide can go deep into the pore to fight bacteria.

The reason these steps cannot be combined is that the process of applying these treatments is different. A face wash using salicylic acid cannot be left on the face very long, while a cleanser may be allowed to soak for a few minutes. Many benzoyl peroxide creams should be left on overnight, which is something different altogether. As a result, a good acne treatment regimen will use three different products to achieve its three separate goals.

While benzoyl peroxide is a great cream for treating acne, it does not work well on acne scars. For acne scars, you will need a specialized acne scar cream in order to see better-looking skin.

Our Recommended Acne Treatment Products Actually Work

Not only do we recommended the treatment cream provided by Exposed Skin Care, but they also have a great acne treatment set that affordably combines all three steps of the acne treatment process into one convenient package. The acne treatment kits all come with at least a good cleanser, a face wash (with salyclic acid), and the acne treatment cream that we have already recommended. The kits provide everything you need in one place and they really work well to get rid of acne. You can view the product line on their website by clicking below: